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We recently wrote about the results of our survey of health policy leaders and who they saw as leading influence on value-based payment for pharmaceuticals. In that same survey, we also looked at which groups and individuals health policy leaders think are leading on Medicare Advantage – the increasingly popular health program for seniors.

Our research found that, top of mind, respondents identified America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) as the single-most influential organization on the issue of Medicare Advantage, followed by the Better Medicare Alliance. Respondents said of AHIP, “they successfully frame issues and achieve policy goals,” and they, “represent the collective voice of the health insurance industry.” Anthem, Humana, and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association also had a strong showing.

When given a list of organizations to rank by level of influence, AHIP and UnitedHealth Group were locked in a dead heat for the top spot, while on the individual level, former CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt and American Action Forum president Doug Holtz-Eakin led the pack, with Paul Ginsburg of Brookings, Ken Thorpe of Emory University and Jim Capretta of AEI all considered highly influential as well.

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