Jun 08

Putting Patients at the Center of the Value Equation

By: Bryan Dumont

Value is the defining topic in health care, but do we really know what patients consider valuable? At the most basic level, value is a calculation that weighs benefits against costs. We all make these mental value calculations daily on dozens of topics (e.g., buying branded vs. off-brand paper… Read Full Post

May 26

Why Redefining Value Has Become So Important in Health Care

By: David Lumbert

There may be no better conversation starter in health care than asking “What does value mean to you?” The question of what constitutes value is probably the most hotly debated question in health care. The answer to that question influences everything from what kind of care is provided to how that… Read Full Post

May 25

Michelle Nealy Joins Reservoir Communications Group, Expands Firm’s Advocacy & Digital Expertise

By: Clare Krusing

Washington, D.C. – Reservoir Communications Group welcomed Michelle Nealy, a seasoned communications and digital strategist, to its senior team as a Director, building on the firm’s broad advocacy expertise on behalf of its clients. Before coming to Reservoir, Michelle served as Vice President of… Read Full Post

Apr 29

Pandemic Interns Gain an Extra Lesson in Resilience

By: Liz Irons, Priscilla Mbimadong, & Sahithi Vemula

Like most of us, this last year has been unlike any other for college students. From spending our 21st birthdays popping champagne in our childhood homes to having our college activities and events upended, we’ve managed to power through the previously unimaginable. When it comes to our… Read Full Post

Apr 06

Earning Your Earned Media: Tips From a Former Government Media Pro

By: Jenn Sherman

In this era, you’re lucky if you’re going up against just one tough news cycle. The reality is more complex – it's an always evolving media landscape that seems to ask “what have you done for me lately?” During my time at the House Energy and Commerce Committee (E… Read Full Post

Mar 22

How Science Communication Can Optimize Adoption of Next-Generation Therapeutics

By: Kaitlyn Felsheim

All eyes have been on the biopharmaceutical industry for nearly a year as the world followed the journey towards the development of an effective COVID-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, the good news of FDA’s decision to allow emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccine candidates also… Read Full Post

Mar 09

Trending Now: TikTok and Healthcare Communications

By: Grace Strong

If you aren’t familiar with TikTok by now, you should be. The social platform was the most downloaded app in 2020, boasting 850 million monthly active users. While TikTok is most popular among younger generations, the platform isn’t just for kids – 18-to-24-year-olds make up just 42% of its users,… Read Full Post

Feb 10

The Next Challenge for Healthcare Communications: One-Time Cell and Gene Therapies

By: Greg Jarvis

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the dire consequences of what can happen when systems, policy and society do not keep pace with the new challenges, scientific advancements, and broader trends shaping the healthcare landscape. As we gradually progress towards a post-COVID era, we’ll also… Read Full Post

Feb 09

Laurie Labuda Joins Reservoir Communications Group’s Senior Team, Expands Firm’s Corporate Communications and Policy Expertise

By: Clare Krusing

Washington, D.C. – Laurie Labuda, a public affairs and communications leader with more than two decades of experience in policy and corporate communications, joined Reservoir Communications Group as a Managing Director, broadening the firm’s expertise in reputation management, crisis and litigation… Read Full Post

Jan 29

Three Reasons Companies Should Communicate with Employees About Public Policy

By: Setareh Samii

Policymaking doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it is a highly collaborative process between policymakers and the various constituencies they represent. Companies engage in this process to ensure the development of informed public policies that not only enable them to thrive and bring their products and… Read Full Post