Nina Hill
Nina Hill, Ph.D.

Nina serves as a Senior Advisor to Reservoir Communications Group, and a member of the External Advisory Board of the Multi Regional Clinical Trial Center (MRCT) of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University. She is the former Vice President of Innovation Policy, Global Policy at Pfizer, which places the advancement of human health at the center of global life sciences policy development. She was a member of the Pfizer Bioethics Advisory Panel and was the founding editor of the Value of Medicines publication at Her work addressed unmet policy needs in clinical trials, compassionate access, precision medicine, vaccines, rare disease, oncology, anti-microbial resistance, intellectual policy and Medicare.

Prior to joining Pfizer, as a Director of the International Center for the Disabled, she led social policy research with the National Council on Disability that helped secure the passage of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, as a former leader of the March of Dimes in NYC, she worked to advance maternal and infant health by advocating for expanded Medicaid coverage and SCHIP.

Her previous memberships include the MRCT Executive Committee and the Bioethics Collaborative as well as Board memberships with the National Health Council, the Alliance for Aging Research, and INCLUDEnyc.

She is a recipient of the Huntington's Disease Society of America Guthrie Family Humanitarian Award, the National Coalition of Women with Heart Disease Corporate Leadership Award, the Arthritis Foundation Patient Services Award, the Rotary International Award for Outstanding Work with Children in Need, and the Freedom of the Human Spirit Award from INCLUDEnyc.

After obtaining a Ph.D. in Speech Science from Columbia University, she earned an MIT Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Business Strategies. She is a published author and a graduate of the Executive Program in the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and the Harvard Business School Pfizer Leadership Development Program.