• Corporate Reputation Campaigns

    Corporate Reputation Campaigns

    Reservoir helps companies and organizations define, restore or enhance their reputation among key audiences – in many cases, among policymakers and policy influencers. We combine our expertise in policy, media and stakeholder engagement to help clients build the critical networks and standing they need to effectively pursue their advocacy agenda. Our bespoke process starts with a deep dive into our clients’ business and policy objectives, as well as their existing programs, capabilities, expertise and other factors that may be important to establishing reputation. Insights through this process help our team devise and execute impactful campaigns that break through the cluttered communications environment.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Reservoir believes there is a discrete audience who can impact your success as an organization, whether you are looking to elevate your voice or shift a debate. These targeted influencers interpret your messaging, set the tone for broader conversation and can influence those in the highest levels of government, business, academia and science. Our team has extensive relationships within the discrete health policy and advocacy community, and can engage our network to garner thoughtful insights and develop meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships and initiatives.
  • Policy Communications

    Policy Communications

    Reservoir bridges the gap between policy and communications, recognizing what happens in Washington, D.C. and state capitals has far-reaching impact. We leverage a deep expertise in the players and issues within health care, the policy environment and communications best practices to help communicate complex policy needs simply, counsel on potential policy solutions and advance dialogue with key stakeholders.
  • Crisis Communications

    Crisis Communications

    Reservoir provides a full range of crisis communications and issues management services, recognizing that every organization has to manage routine and significant issues – with considerable risk to the organization if not managed appropriately. Our staff has managed high-profile crises and major issues of every kind in the insurance, pharmaceutical, medical device, financial services, consumer goods, energy, chemical, transportation and retail sectors, and can help you plan around potential issues or jump in immediately when faced with a crisis. 
  • Value Communications

    Value Communications

    Reservoir specializes in telling your health care value story – whether it is for a product, a line of business or therapeutic area or your company as a whole. Our experts come from all segments of health care and have unique insights and reach into the various stakeholders – including the critical “4 Ps” (Patients, Providers, Policymakers, and Payers). Whether crafting a value narrative that works for each of your core audiences, engaging with leading advocacy organizations and key opinion leaders, or supporting regulatory and reimbursement goals, Reservoir can help you communicate your value.