May 30

Championing Women's Health: Insights from Millicent Gorham, CEO of AWHP

By: Emily Turek

With nearly half of American women forgoing critical preventive care services post-pandemic, May’s National Women's Health Month serves as a call to action for policymakers, advocates, and health care providers to come together and advance collaborative policies prioritizing the well-being of all… Read Full Post

May 22

Life at Reservoir: Starting a Rewarding Career

By: Madelyn Sykes

Less than a year ago, I was unsure about what the future held. Only two things were certain: I would be graduating from college soon, and I had secured an internship with Reservoir Communications Group for my final semester. My internship was a chance to gain valuable professional experiences and… Read Full Post

Apr 27

Celebrating the Leaders Advancing Women’s Health

By: Gretta Stone

Last night we celebrated the 33rd annual Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) awards dinner and I came away so inspired. This powerhouse of an organization is a big reason why we have offices on women’s health in the major federal agencies and why so many more women are included in clinical… Read Full Post

Apr 26

Can We Have Value Without Equity? Key Takeaways from Our Expert Webinar

By: Courtney Tyne and Michelle Nealy

Access to health care has increasingly been determined through some form of value assessment. However, frequently these assessments do not systematically or completely account for equity. In fact, conversations around value and equity have traditionally remained siloed, resulting in hardcoding of… Read Full Post

Mar 22

Reflections on Community Health Care in Guatemala

By: Chrystine Zacherau

For the past five years I have traveled to Guatemala to volunteer with Mayanza, a not-for-profit organization providing health education to school-aged children and mothers in Santiago Atitlán. When I started this effort, it was for me – to get away from my laptop, utilize my skills as a clinician… Read Full Post

Feb 09

Reservoir Communications Group Expands Senior Team, Bolstering the Firm’s Research, Strategic Communications, and Media Capabilities

By: Liz Irons

Washington, DC – Reservoir Communications Group has welcomed five new members to its team, including Chrystine Zacherau as a Senior Vice President, and Lauren Kotwicki and Grace Montgomery as Vice Presidents. Their unique backgrounds, including clinical and issue expertise and rapid-response… Read Full Post

Dec 05

Employer Perspectives on Health Care Value Webinar: Three Key Learnings from Reservoir Communications Group’s First Webinar

By: Shawn Gremminger and Courtney Tyne

When it comes to providing high-value care, employers face a difficult challenge: balancing the needs and desires of their employees with the business interest in containing costs, while meeting the mandates of regulatory authorities. However, despite literally “paying the bills” for the health… Read Full Post

Nov 11

Election Day 2022: Our Top 5 Public Affairs Take Aways

By: Courtney Tyne and Mallory Ward

Ballots are still being counted, but it looks increasingly likely that we will once again have a divided government leading to legislative gridlock. In turn, Congress will exercise its oversight responsibility and the Administration will look for opportunities to regulate through agencies and… Read Full Post

Nov 10

It’s Time for a Precision Medicine Paradigm Shift

By: Kira Finkel, MSPH

We recently highlighted a new landmark publication from JCO Precision Oncology which explores the clinical practice gaps limiting patient access to targeted treatments. The study focused on advanced non-small cell lung cancer (aNSCLC) because this disease provides significant opportunities for the… Read Full Post

Nov 02

New Research Pinpoints Gaps in Personalized Medicine Delivery

By: Gretta Stone

Personalized medicine targets treatments to patients based on their individual genetic make-up. The field has exploded in the last two decades but many patients are still not benefitting. This week an important new study in JCO Precision Oncology quantifies – for the first time –where patients are… Read Full Post