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Let our experts help you confront your most important challenges.

The team at Reservoir Communications Group brings the best people and ideas to bear to support our clients with their most significant challenges and opportunities, helping organizations advance their business, reputation and advocacy goals.

We believe the key to success is treating each other and our clients with genuine respect and appreciation, and that each opportunity we are given is a chance to do something better than it has ever been done before.

Why Clients Choose Reservoir

We are in the business of helping clients tell their story—through their brand, the way they engage stakeholders, the alliances they build, the causes they advance, and the ideas senior leaders embrace.

Telling a story well means understanding how everything fits together and having the ability to weave disparate, complex elements into cohesive, compelling, and even beautiful narratives. We excel in building and driving these narratives across three interlinked areas that impact a business.

Business Outcomes

Business leaders are confronting ongoing complexities in an evolving marketplace. Our multidisciplinary team supports companies and their brands in ways that address the needs of corporate affairs practitioners and commercial teams throughout the evolution of their business, as well as the development and commercialization life cycle of their products and services.

Our experience gives us the acumen and network to help companies succeed within today’s health care landscape. In particular, our expertise in facilitating market readiness allows us to support clients in navigating a complex political environment, balancing collaboration with stakeholders who have different goals, structuring access, pricing and coverage for cutting-edge therapies, and working with increasingly engaged employees, patients and advocates.


Our team has been at the forefront of new approaches to embedding advocacy in every aspect of an organization. Advocacy—in the largest sense of the word—is at the center of everything we do.

Our approach to advocacy is based on deep relationships and decades of experience, as well as an emphasis on the use of the latest technology to identify and engage allies in a sustained conversation.

We help stakeholders become advocates for a client’s business and ideas, advance policy solutions, shape the environment for broader policy change, and create receptivity and understanding for new products and services.


Our process for building reputation helps our clients leapfrog their competitors by connecting them in an authentic way with the needs of their most important stakeholders.

Our proprietary research process helps clients understand the nature of those needs, and our strategic approach enables engagement with an audience in ways that are meaningful and effective. We deliver on strategy with highly focused execution and measurable results. We further ensure that a reputation strategy strengthens a brand as well as the ability to successfully advocate.

We believe that the power of uniting these three elements supports and builds strong, effective, and well-defined brands.


We tackle our clients’ most pressing challenges with a tailored communications approach to achieve business and policy goals.

Establishing Strong Partnerships

We believe in the power of partnership to solve problems and change minds.

Driving A Narrative

We work to anticipate the broader debate and advance critical data and stakeholder perspectives that change conversations.

Communicating Value

We help clients elevate and reinforce the value of their organization and/or product brand and positioning among key audiences.

Establishing Strong Partnerships

We believe in the power of partnership to solve problems and change minds. We help clients forge and deepen relationships with key partners and allies, because we believe the greatest insights happen when artificial barriers are removed, and we can establish common ground.

Reservoir Advocacy & Alliance Network (RAAN)
As meaningful relationships make all the difference on any unmet healthcare need or developing issue, advocacy and alliance development underpin our client work. The RAAN is a mix of Reservoir advocacy experts and seasoned strategic partners who enable us to bring the most diverse and thoughtful stakeholders and viewpoints to bear for any health issue, therapy, disease state or coalition.

Key Capabilities:

  • Coalition Development
  • Stakeholder & Landscape Audits
  • Ally Engagement
  • Issue-Specific Awareness
  • Patient/Provider/Consumer Advocacy

Driving A Narrative

We work to anticipate the broader debate and advance critical data and stakeholder perspectives that change conversations. With a compelling story in place, we work with our clients to make sure their voice is heard in a meaningful way.

Key Capabilities:

  • Thought Leadership Platform Development & Amplification
  • Corporate Narrative & Positioning
  • Message & Creative Development
  • Policy & Issue-Specific Communications
  • Rapid Response & Crisis Communications
  • Proactive Media Outreach
  • Message Training & Materials
  • Internal Communications
  • Brand Research
  • Digital Strategy & Mobilization
  • Influencer Targeting
  • Creative Direction & Production
  • Paid and Earned Media Amplification
  • Grassroots & Grasstops Outreach

Communicating Value

We help clients elevate and reinforce the value of their organization and/or product brand and positioning among key audiences, honing in on the attributes, data and narrative that differentiates clients in the market.

Key Capabilities:

  • Reputation Matrix & Tracking
  • Brand Awareness
  • Access Strategy
  • Policy & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Internal & External Communications
  • Audience-Specific Content
  • DC Influencer & Media Engagement
  • Value Research

Navigating Complex Issues

Our team comes to the table with deep knowledge of the policy, political, regulatory and media environments that our clients must navigate. We prepare and support clients with innovative approaches to handling complex brand, reputation and advocacy challenges.

Key Capabilities:

  • Crisis & Issues Management
  • Public Affairs Strategy
  • Stakeholder & Media Relations
  • Third-Party Outreach & Support
  • Crisis Response
  • Executive & Media Training
  • Reputation Research


We have deep experience across the health sector.

The health sector is in a constant state of transformation. We understand perspectives, policy and politics from a variety of viewpoints, and maintain strong alliances and relationships across the entire health care stakeholder continuum to help clients navigate appropriately. We leverage our experience to develop thoughtful messages and content that captures our clients’ unique and important role in health care, and tap into our own network to expand awareness and engagement beyond a client’s existing core constituents.

We work on meaningful, complex issues to help improve health.

We tackle the top public health and policy issues in daily discourse and counsel on some of the toughest challenges faced by clients in the health sector and relevant adjacencies. By helping our clients navigate in an increasingly complex media and stakeholder environment, we support efforts to underscore their value proposition, and advance their missions to improve health and wellbeing, as well as business, policy and corporate responsibility goals.

We sit at the intersection of health policy and strategic communications.

Effectively navigating the health policy landscape requires a strong understanding of policy context, debate dynamics and key stakeholders. We are unique in our ability to go deep on the policy substance and elevate the narrative to make clients’ needs and desired outcomes understandable to thought leaders and policymakers – while bringing our skill set and the most effective tools of strategic communications to bear in amplifying that narrative.


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Meet Our Team

Our people come to Reservoir Communications Group because they love this work. They enjoy working together to take on our clients’ biggest challenges and most important issues, and they are passionate about making a difference. We make that easy by creating an environment that sparks creativity, shuns siloes, and encourages collaboration. We want people who are the best and the brightest, with a passion for their work, and a genuine belief in the power of focused collaboration to solve problems. If you fit that mold we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at our current job opportunities - we are interested in hearing from you if a specific role is not currently open.

Reservoir is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Read more about our three-pronged approach to a diverse and inclusive workplace that supports our colleagues and our community.

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