Great Advice Requires Depth of Knowledge

Let our experts help you confront your most important challenges.


Reservoir Communications Group exists to serve our clients by bringing the best people and ideas to bear on our clients’ most significant challenges and opportunities in the areas of advocacy, reputation, and organizational brand. We believe in the power of data to provide strategic insights as well as to sharpen tactics and create efficiency in the way we communicate.

We believe the key to success is treating each other and our clients with genuine respect and appreciation and that each opportunity we are given is a chance to do something better than it has ever been done before.



We know what we do and we do it better than anyone. We believe in data and measurement and we use the latest technology to achieve your objectives.


We are in the business of helping you tell your story—through your brand, the way you engage your stakeholders, the alliances you build, the causes you advance, and the ideas your senior leaders embrace. Telling your story well means understanding how everything fits together and having the ability to weave disparate parts into cohesive, compelling, and even beautiful narratives. We believe that the power for organizations comes in uniting these various elements and understanding how your work in each can benefit the other.

Reservoir brings to the market exactly what clients need: experience, creativity, substantive depth, and the ability to construct new approaches to an organization’s most important communications and public affairs challenges.

TIM COST Former EVP, Global Corporate Affairs, PepsiCo


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Our people come to Reservoir Communications Group because they love this work. They enjoy working together to take on our clients’ biggest challenges and most important issues and they are passionate about making a difference. We make that easy by creating an environment that sparks creativity, shuns siloes, and encourages collaboration.

We want people who are the best and the brightest, with a passion for their work, and a genuine belief in the power of focused collaboration to solve problems. If you fit that mold we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at our current job opportunities - we are interested in hearing from you if a specific role is not currently open.



Partnership is not just a strategy we use to help our clients it is embedded in the way we do business. We believe in doing what we do best and working with others who do what they do best. Meet some of our key partners:

If your firm is the best at what you do and you are interested in becoming a partner please reach out to us.