Aug 22

Promoting Corporate Responsibility Helps You and Those You Serve

By: David Lumbert

American companies make an incredible impact in the communities they serve that stretches far beyond economic development. In fact, Giving USA found that more than $20 billion was donated by corporations in 2018, in addition to an impressive amount of employee volunteerism and other community… Read Full Post

Aug 07

The Best Health Care Reads for Your Summer Break

By: Clare Krusing

One of the best parts of working in health care today is the constant state of fascinating reporting, podcasts and commentary that can keep your reading or podcast list full for weeks on end. Even if you’re a loyal Pulse / Vitals / Health202 / KHN Morning Briefing/ D.C. Diagnosis reader (and… Read Full Post

Jul 24

Four Things Communicators Can Learn from Scientists

By: Lucie Felder

There’s a misperception that scientists are bad communicators. People say we’re too in the weeds—too “wonky”—or that we present information and data in ways that are not easily digestible or accessible to the general public. And with science literacy capabilities in the U.S. being drastically low,… Read Full Post

Jun 05

Press Release: Reservoir Communications Group Adds Bryan Dumont to Lead Research and Analytics Practice

By: Clare Krusing

Bryan Dumont, who previously led enterprise-wide reputation strategy and insights for Exelon Corporation, has joined Reservoir Communications Group to lead its research and analytics practice. Bryan is a leader in the field of reputation management and corporate branding. He has helped the world’s… Read Full Post

May 10

Have You Called Your Mother?

By: Kira Finkel

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about to how to celebrate and honor the mothers in our lives. While the day should be a momentous occasion filled with gratitude and appreciation, for some families, Mother’s Day serves as a painful reminder of moms we’ve loved… Read Full Post

May 01

Men are from Mars, Women are from…Well, We Don’t Really Know

By: Gretta Stone

We’re in the golden age of biomedical progress, and yet women’s health still presents many mysteries to the scientific community. The challenge often begins at the level of basic research where, in the name of reducing variables such as hormone cycles, most labs only study male animals. Although… Read Full Post

Apr 12

Spring Cleaning for Your Career

By: Megan Tucker

Spring marks a time of renewal, as the weather turns warmer and we look forward to seasonal activities like seeing the cherry blossoms bloom, the opening day of Major League Baseball and Memorial Day barbecues. This inflection point may be a natural time to consider spring cleaning for more than… Read Full Post

Apr 03

To All the Pitches I’ve Deleted Before

By: Louise Serio

As a producer for one of the national Sunday morning news shows, I saw my fair share of seriously bad pitches. The newest trends in kids’ backpacks, a new vitamin supplement that promises renewed energy and vigor, a ribbon-cutting event for a local pet grooming shop—why in the world would a… Read Full Post

Apr 01

Press Release: Reservoir Communications Group Adds David Palombi from CVS Health

By: Clare Krusing

Former CVS Health Communications Leader Joins Firm as Senior Advisor for Corporate Communications David Palombi, previously the head of corporate communications at CVS Health, has joined Reservoir Communications Group as a senior advisor. During his time at CVS, David oversaw communications around… Read Full Post

Feb 21

Reservoir Communications Group Expands Public Affairs & Health Policy Team with Gretta Stone

By: Clare Krusing

Stone joins from PhRMA Policy & Research Team Reservoir Communications Group announced new additions to the firm, expanding its health care policy and public affairs expertise. Gretta Stone, who previously served as Deputy Vice President of Policy and Research at the Pharmaceutical Research and… Read Full Post