Mar 28

Reservoir Communications Group Expands Health Policy Team and Deepens Bench as Shawn Gremminger Joins as Director of Health Policy

By: Liz Irons

Washington, DC – Shawn Gremminger, a health policy and advocacy expert, has joined Reservoir as Director of Health Policy. With more than 15 years of experience working across the health care system, Shawn has been on the frontlines of health policy and advocacy and brings clients a wealth of… Read Full Post

Mar 09

Still Communicating During COVID-19: Getting Back to Basics

By: Dan Lemle

While the COVID-19 pandemic is moving in a positive direction in some areas, it continues to have far-reaching impacts beyond the spread of the virus itself and is still altering day-to-day realities for individuals and families across the globe. The same holds true for health care communicators,… Read Full Post

Dec 10

Reservoir’s Commitment to Supporting the D.C. Community

By: Social Good Team

Since Reservoir’s founding, our team has always prioritized supporting organizations and causes that advance meaningful changes within our communities.  This year, to align with our organization’s broader focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (D&I), we’ve focused our efforts on helping… Read Full Post

Dec 02

Diversity and Inclusion at Reservoir: Learning and Growing Along the Way

By: Diversity and Inclusion Team

Eighteen months into the creation and advancement of our formalized Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) policy and plan at Reservoir, our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts continue to evolve and grow as we work to make our company a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place of business and… Read Full Post

Nov 16

Brand and Reputation Research Expert Vaishali Udani Joins Reservoir Communications Group

By: Clare Krusing

Washington, D.C. -- Vaishali Udani, a research specialist for leading corporate brands and companies, has joined Reservoir Communications Group as part of the firm’s research and insights team. With more than a decade of experience developing and leading opinion research on behalf of health care… Read Full Post

Aug 27

Reservoir Expands Biopharmaceutical & Media Expertise with Alka Bhatt, Samantha Leonardo

By: Clare Krusing

Washington, D.C. – Alka Bhatt, Pharm D., and Samantha Leonardo have joined Reservoir Communications Group. Alka, who served in various strategic roles at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) joined the firm as a senior advisor, expanding Reservoir’s knowledge and insight into market access, policy and value… Read Full Post

Jul 07

The Reservoir Internship: Diving Deep On Substance, Always As “One Team”

By: Megan Hickey and Grace Montgomery

  One of the primary ways Reservoir distinguishes our internship program is through access to substantive work that informs interns’ understanding of the broader health care and strategic communications landscape. Reservoir interns are fully integrated into our client teams, giving them broad… Read Full Post

Jun 21

The Most Important Question in Health Care: What Do Patients Value?

By: Robert Schooling

In our work, we often find ourselves asking the question: “What do patients value?” The answer may seem obvious – patients value products and services in health care that make them healthier. Of course, this is true, to a degree.  It is like saying that homebuyers value houses that provide shelter… Read Full Post

Jun 08

Putting Patients at the Center of the Value Equation

By: Bryan Dumont

Value is the defining topic in health care, but do we really know what patients consider valuable? At the most basic level, value is a calculation that weighs benefits against costs. We all make these mental value calculations daily on dozens of topics (e.g., buying branded vs. off-brand paper… Read Full Post

May 26

Why Redefining Value Has Become So Important in Health Care

By: David Lumbert

There may be no better conversation starter in health care than asking “What does value mean to you?” The question of what constitutes value is probably the most hotly debated question in health care. The answer to that question influences everything from what kind of care is provided to how that… Read Full Post