Apr 03

To All the Pitches I’ve Deleted Before

By: Louise Serio

As a producer for one of the national Sunday morning news shows, I saw my fair share of seriously bad pitches. The newest trends in kids’ backpacks, a new vitamin supplement that promises renewed energy and vigor, a ribbon-cutting event for a local pet grooming shop—why in the world would a… Read Full Post

Apr 01

Press Release: Reservoir Communications Group Adds David Palombi from CVS Health

By: Clare Krusing

Former CVS Health Communications Leader Joins Firm as Senior Advisor for Corporate Communications David Palombi, previously the head of corporate communications at CVS Health, has joined Reservoir Communications Group as a senior advisor. During his time at CVS, David oversaw communications around… Read Full Post

Feb 21

Reservoir Communications Group Expands Public Affairs & Health Policy Team with Gretta Stone

By: Clare Krusing

Stone joins from PhRMA Policy & Research Team Reservoir Communications Group announced new additions to the firm, expanding its health care policy and public affairs expertise. Gretta Stone, who previously served as Deputy Vice President of Policy and Research at the Pharmaceutical Research and… Read Full Post

Nov 02

Press Release: Reservoir Communications Group Expands Public Affairs Team

By: Clare Krusing

Reservoir Communications Group announced that Susan Awad, Tyler Calnon and Louise Serio recently joined to support the firm's health care advocacy and media relations efforts.  Reservoir Communications Group is a leading public affairs firm focused on supporting clients with their most pressing… Read Full Post

Oct 03

Are you Making the Best Case for the Value of your Products?

By: Robert Schooling and Setareh Samii

One of the most difficult tasks for human beings is to agree on the worth of anything. Your masterpiece of modern art might be my eyesore, my collector’s item might be your clutter. However, perhaps nowhere is the complexity of assessing value more complicated than in health care. Because of the… Read Full Post

Sep 20

Will Silicon Valley Save Health Care?

By: Robert Schooling and Clare Krusing

It seems like everywhere you look technology players are looking to disrupt the status quo in health care. Microsoft, Google, Apple, and even Uber have all made big investments in health care. Major health care players, like UnitedHealth Group and their Optum unit are making massive investments… Read Full Post

Apr 16

Who is Leading on Medicare Advantage?

By: Robert Schooling

We recently wrote about the results of our survey of health policy leaders and who they saw as leading influence on value-based payment for pharmaceuticals. In that same survey, we also looked at which groups and individuals health policy leaders think are leading on Medicare Advantage – the… Read Full Post

Apr 09

Who Is Leading on Value-Based Payment for Pharmaceuticals?

By: Robert Schooling

Value-based payment in pharmaceuticals is a hot topic in health policy these days. We thought it would be good to understand who is most influential in shaping policy and opinion on the topic and why. Fortunately, we talk routinely with the national thought leaders whose opinions matter, so we… Read Full Post

Dec 04

It's the Most Wonderful (Performance Review) Time of the Year

By: Robert Schooling

For many companies, performance reviews fall at the end of the year heading into the New Year. This can be a stressful time for employees and their managers alike. After 20 years of participating on both sides of a performance review, I've noticed that most people don't like hearing "constructive… Read Full Post

Oct 03

The (Often) Underappreciated Workhorses of Washington: Trade Groups

By: Molly Millerwise Meiners

You can’t swing a dead cat in Washington, D.C. without hitting a trade association or someone who works for one. With nearly 8,000 national trade associations in the United States—2,000 of which are headquartered Inside the Beltway—nearly every industry and business in America has someone looking… Read Full Post

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