Megan Tebbenhoff

Megan is an equity-minded public health practitioner grounded in data and policy analysis and communications. She is skilled at translating complex methods and data into digestible conclusions and implications for policy and practice, focusing on producing an end-product that is understandable to all stakeholders involved.

Before joining Reservoir, Megan worked with the Lewin Group in the policy and practice evaluation space, focusing on quality of patient care and health equity in innovative Medicare models. She was involved in quantitative and qualitative analysis, combining health care claims with patient and practitioner perspectives to evaluate Medicare alternative payment models using multiple streams of data. From her time at ICAP at Columbia University, she has experience developing, coding, and analyzing surveys fielded in urban and rural settings across sub-Saharan Africa in partnership with local CDC offices and ministries of health. Megan began her career in the public health space with the NIH's Vaccine Production Program Laboratory, assisting with a variety of projects to streamline vaccine development.

Megan received her M.P.H. from Columbia University in epidemiology with a focus on humanitarian assistance. Megan received her B.A. from the University of Southern California in both international relations and neuroscience.